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VyStar's Money Makeover TV Families

Cheer them on as they succeed. VyStar joins our TV partners CBS-47 and FOX-30 for its sixth season of The Money Makeover 2014 TV Competition. Four VyStar Families have been selected as TV Finalists to compete to see who improves their financial situation the most. They will be learning valuable, practical money management lessons along the way and you can learn right along with them.

You can get regular video updates and blogs covering each TV family’s progress toward a brighter financial future at; and be sure to track them on Facebook at

Our VyStar Branch Families
To give even more members an opportunity to participate during Money Makeover 2014 -  drive down debt and boost their savings - VyStar branches will be assigned families to compete among themselves in the Branch Money Makeover 2014 Contest. Four Grand Prizes will go to the top four branch families who have improved their financial condition the most.