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VyStar's Money Makeover TV Families
The Money Makeover program for 2014 is officially over.  It was another successful year with an expanded presence and sharper focus on the Money Makeover process for the TV competition and 20 branches that had contestants complete the six month program. The Money Makeover ’14 grand finale was held on Tuesday, December 2nd at the Cascone Building, at 6:00 p.m. Over 100 Money Makeover TV and branch contestants and their coaches attended the event. The TV Competition winning family was the Dixon family (pictured) who was coached by Darlynn Kennedy, Vice President of the Eagle Harbor Branch. They took home the grand prize of $8,000.
VyStar Money Makeover TV Competition Winning Family
The remaining TV competition families (The DeCastros coached by Lisa Miller, VP Regency branch; The Stakers coached by Rosalind Bridges, VP Downtown branch; and The Wilson family, coached by Purnima Ganju, VP Northside branch, each took home a check for $2,500.
The four winning branch family contestants each received checks for $2,500 and were: The Major family coached by Darlynn Kennedy, VP Eagle Harbor branch; The McGuinness family coached by Brian Corson, VP 210 branch; The Cotton family coached by Heidi Alexander, MRS Supervisor, Beach & 295 branch; and The Quintana family coached by Shane Carkhuff, VP Gainesville branch.
VyStar Money Makeover Branch Competition Winning Families


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