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How to Set up Direct Deposit and e-Services

When making arrangements to move money into your VyStar account or out of your VyStar account electronically, you must provide accurate information in order for the transactions to process correctly and without causing delays or returns. Using free VyStar’s Direct Deposit service for your pay, pension, social security and even your tax refund is not only secure and reliable, but will save time and give you quicker access to your money. Using electronic services like Bill Payer is another convenient and secure way to move money out of your account to make monthly payments.

Setting Up Bill Payment and Other e-Services - Use the Correct Numbers.

Money going into your account: When establishing direct deposit, the government agency or business who makes payment to you will ask for several items including the Routing Transit Number of your financial institution where you hold the account and the account number you want to have the money deposited into.

Click here for a printable Direct Deposit Sign-up form you can take with you to your employer or government agency.

Money moving out of your account: It is important to verify your Routing/Transit Number and Account Number when you are setting up bill payment and other e-services like ordering your VyStar checks online.

DO NOT use your Member Number when setting up electronic services. If you use your member number, the system will not recognize which account to perform the transaction on and the transaction will not occur. Your Account Number is different from your Member Number.

How do I find my VyStar Routing/Transit Number and Account Number?

VyStar’s Routing/Transit Number is always 263079276. Both the Routing/Transit Number and your VyStar Account Number are on the MICR line at the bottom of your VyStar checks. See illustration below. 

routing number image

Your VyStar Account Number is also listed on the Balances screen in Internet Banking. Click "See account details" as shown in the illustration below, highlighted in yellow, to view your account number.


Your VyStar Account Number is also on your monthly statement in the heading that describes the type of account (example: Regular Checking Account) above the transactions information for that account.

If you still need help in setting up electronic services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (904) 777-6000 or (800) 445-6289 or stop by any VyStar branch. Electronic services are a valuable tool in managing your money and providing you convenience and peace of mind.