VyStar 24-hour Services

VyStar 24-hour Services

Have you ever remembered something you needed to do on your account but couldn't make it to the branch in time? Do you have more time at night to manage your money? Are you out running errands and want extra cash? Were you going to deposit your paycheck but something came up? With VyStar's convenient 24-hour financial services you'll never have to worry again - we're open anytime you need us, day or night. It's financial freedom because you decide when and how you choose to interact with us and access your money.

VyStar's 24-hour Internet Banking - right here on this website - allows you to access your accounts and perform transactions. To begin using Internet Banking, you will need your Magic*Touch PIN (see below on how to get one). If you already have a Magic*Touch PIN, a quick and easy one-time enrollment will give you the ability to do most transactions on your own such as: check your balances, transfer funds, apply for a loan, pay bills, view your monthly statements, view checks that have cleared, check your credit card account information and monitor your UChoose Rewards® points, reorder checks, create reminders, cancel your ATM, Check or Credit Card, place a stop payment and more.

Mobile Services – lets you take care of your financial needs safely and securely via a mobile platform. Use Mobile Banking on your web enabled mobile device to check balances, transfer money, pay bills, and more. Install one of VyStar’s free Mobile Banking Apps for iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Android Smartphones. Use Text Message Banking to receive account balances, view recent transactions and more on your mobile device whenever you text a message to 454545. Receive periodic balance alerts for your default account.

24-hour Magic*Touch is our voice response telephone service that gives you access to your accounts to make balance inquiries, loan payments, check reorders, transfer funds, make credit card payments and check verifications. Simply call (904) 777-6001 or (800) 235-6289 and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. A Magic*Touch PIN is required to begin this and VyStar's Internet Banking service.

VyStar's 24-hour ATM Locations allow you to make deposits, access your accounts and perform transactions. Use your VyStar ATM card or VyStar Visa® Check Card to get cash from your accounts, transfer funds, make loan payments and obtain balance information.

VyStar's 24-hour Direct Deposit service will ensure your pay, retirement or Social Security check funds are deposited directly into your VyStar account. No trips to the branch or ATM to make a deposit – we will do it for you electronically. When establishing a direct deposit on your account, the entity issuing the direct deposit will ask for several items including the Routing Transit Number and your Account Number.