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By Magic*Touch:

Access your accounts by phone anytime with this audio response telephone service. Make balance inquiries, VyStar loan payments including credit cards, funds transfers and check verifications.

A Magic*Touch Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required for both Magic*Touch and Internet Banking services. To request a Magic*Touch PIN or to reset your existing PIN please call VyStar’s main number at (904) 777-6000 or (800) 445-6289, option 1.

Call Magic*Touch from anywhere in the United States

904-777-6001 or (toll free) 800-235-6289

904-594-5483 or (toll free) 888-978-2728 for Magic*Touch in Spanish

Our Magic*Touch Guide  will help you with your accounts and transactions.

Calling Magic*Touch from Overseas – If you are traveling with your mobile device or cell phone, you may have access to International Calling/Roaming services. Your service provider can help explain how to make calls to VyStar when you are traveling outside the United States. We suggest you contact them before you leave to make arrangements.

If you are making a call from overseas on a land line or for example, would like to use a prepaid card at a pay or hotel phone, click here for AT&T USADirect® access numbers. In most cases, you dial the AT&T direct access number, wait for the dial tone and enter area code 800 and seven digit number 235-6289 for Magic*Touch.

AT&T is just one example of International calling services available. Overseas calling is handled differently – be sure you understand that certain terms/conditions, rates, and charges can apply. Services and dialing instructions vary. Some countries are not eligible.